explain to me why

i like pictures and things that speak of their time, but when they completely transcend their era, i like them a little bit more.

1 - Gene Tierney, March 11, 1946
2 - Lea Seydoux, December 2008
3-Un Voyage en Italie, 1938

reminding us


who had first analysed it

screen printed self promotion piece by because studio

i must speak, and you must listen

michael findlay in a ny gallery, late 60's with one of his artists in the background
(scanned from 'the art scene' - 1969)

via childhoodflames

i will try and do something


being natural is simply a pose

"There is no progress in art, any more than there is progress in making love. There are simply different ways of doing it." man ray, 1948
...wonder, 'should surprise us again and again, appear to us as new, very different from what we knew...


curious fancy

perfect use of an imperfect medium

hair inspires so many decorative and metaphorical possibilities, because it's the only truly malleable, transformable part of the body.


it is sudden, all delightful things are.

roland flexner's ink bubble drawings are made by blowing ink and soapy water through a tube onto paper...
beautiful accidents made by a rigid formula.

you had done more than one

_ /antoine+manuel/Siggi Eggertsson


as if he had summed up the world in a single phrase

"I think one always brings some things with you from work done before, not always consciously but I think it is inescapable. One looks a long way back, and edges forward."