i cannot repeat an emotion

hoping music video director dave ma makes an entire movie.
imagery this rich and stories this strong seem like a movie waiting to happen...

play his music videos here

read his dazed interview here

"you just focus on what you are trying to say and why it is important and you just do it. If you think too much about things then you just end up talking yourself out of doing them and the idea gets fucked up."


losing my way in a labyrinth of grimy streets

spaces between...the ultimate grey area.
japan has the best alleyways and i became a little obsessed with photographing them when i was there...

Japanese architect Tsuyoshi Ando has explored this concept in his house of corridors... Mysterious, minimal and just extremely cool. see more at what we do is secret.


material things

lo-fi fun in the post...




raising her hands in wonder

he pushed me aside like a little mouse...and said 'i got excited

classic! for your viewing pleasure today




i want the dead lovers of the world to hear our laughter

nothing surreptitious, just a lovely list...

striking poses

dear x. hoping happy heart tights fall out of nowhere...


beautiful caged things

rodarte rips, andy warhol's polaroids, grids and hiding. things that belong together for no real reason.