days in summer are apt to linger

slightly obsessed with faking my photos into polaroids...


like a bric a brac shop...all monsters and dust

monsters, dust and gems to be found at the salvation army


cold with horror

i enjoy crazy shoe sketches much more than i enjoy crazy shoes...

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in the seventh chapter

Linksubtle and polished pieces from loeffler randal

stitched over with iridescent beetle wings

imgs from garancedore and foto decadent




the light splintered

'frocktail' graphic.

came across this poster i did for a college fashion afterparty...unfortunately it was typographically raped by a third person. but the montage alone i still quite like.
(this must be from 8 years ago)


for the darkness, not for the day

by Russian artists, Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov.
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a genius

i am very interested in manipulating accidents to steer a design process. its a fact that change happens in the face of breakdowns. so to 'design a change' could be thought in terms of structuring an element of chance...

it takes a braniac like Sou Fujimoto to actually implement such things...

he seems to instill some form of disorder into the initial process, while the end products are aesthetically meticulous.

i have never been adverse to a slight institution feel... can always be counteracted with soft furnishings and well..the general chaos of life, but considering the above actually is a mental institution ...for kids ...in japan it seems a little cold, as in i would imagine they would have mini helmut lang uniforms, and be left to roam the grounds, chanting, in a semi-sedated follow the leader scenario. i know that is not the truth, but these shots (taken by the architect himself) do seem to accentuate the horror-film vibe.

It can be said that there is nothing center here and conversely, it can be said that there is a countless center. They are "relative centers" which always interchanges and changes with the consciousness of those who
are there or the condition of light. (more here)

i love that this next one has an obvious 'front' and 'back' like a bended window box

A weekend house 2 hrs out of tokyo

imagined like the branches of a tree, it is one continuous room.
I intended architecture to be primitive, in between natural and man-made


quite charmed

i wish this nick veasey photo was a tulle skirt...
(but it is an amazing photo as it is)

old teen vogue clipping, grey with paul & joe florals.

there are some lovely new soft neutral basics at:
la garconne

what o'clock is it?

dancing shadows