a genius

i am very interested in manipulating accidents to steer a design process. its a fact that change happens in the face of breakdowns. so to 'design a change' could be thought in terms of structuring an element of chance...

it takes a braniac like Sou Fujimoto to actually implement such things...

he seems to instill some form of disorder into the initial process, while the end products are aesthetically meticulous.

i have never been adverse to a slight institution feel... can always be counteracted with soft furnishings and well..the general chaos of life, but considering the above actually is a mental institution ...for kids ...in japan it seems a little cold, as in i would imagine they would have mini helmut lang uniforms, and be left to roam the grounds, chanting, in a semi-sedated follow the leader scenario. i know that is not the truth, but these shots (taken by the architect himself) do seem to accentuate the horror-film vibe.

It can be said that there is nothing center here and conversely, it can be said that there is a countless center. They are "relative centers" which always interchanges and changes with the consciousness of those who
are there or the condition of light. (more here)

i love that this next one has an obvious 'front' and 'back' like a bended window box

A weekend house 2 hrs out of tokyo

imagined like the branches of a tree, it is one continuous room.
I intended architecture to be primitive, in between natural and man-made

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