nothing can cure the soul but the senses

making mix cds for a long, long road...

my play-count tells me this was my favourite song of 09...i guess it was, i still think it's beautiful.


photo by lars botten

do come in, the light's quite perfect



just some images that made me do a double-take, likely because they are complicated ideas executed simply.

1.from my sketckbook
2.60's hypothetical - verner panton
3. invisible shoe - andreia chaves


scientific temperaments

these new puritans older tracks are still my default to work to... very much looking fwd to hearing more from hidden (released in jan)


what about your country house, and the life that is led there?

don't you think this holiday home in switzerland belongs in a modern day fairytale?

perfection, i like this very much...
(more abt villa vals here)


secret chord

i like the way a neon and grey palette can be soft and subtle even if the thought of it is harsh. its strange to think of all the colours that fit in between fluoro and grey
grafik jan05...jil sander 08 / agnes martin



fading canvas

'closed lids' erwin blumenfeld

'the style of michelle obama', by brian rae

... when minusing is more important than adding.


what it dreamed, they made it true

in 1969 the 14yr old jerry levitan snuck into john lennon's hotel room...

the animated outcome of the chat they had some 40yrs later: (youtube)

kiss for peace or smile for peace or go to school for peace or don't go to school for peace whatever you do just do it for peace
...its no good shouting on a street corner ' i want peace' and then beating up your mates
john lennon

listening to this tune


the way of paradoxes is the way of truth

why i love you too!
you had me at large format newspaper stock.

I Love You is my personal point of view
on fashion and lifestyle — like a blog, but printed.

said Christiane Bördner

another favourite newsprint magazine is the beautiful
acne paper as well as pie, and this one from 08

this newspaper printing machinery is scarily hypnotic...



the rest of this editorial styled by edward emniful

(i have not seen such inspiring shoes and socks styling since
this favourite packing and vacuuming editorial from last year!)


something to chill our intelligence

disjointed thoughts - too hot to think today.

is this coke can hypothetical not the saddest proposal ever?

taking the red out of coca cola is one colour deduction that feels so inappropriate in the spirit of classic summers everywhere :) (source: dieline)

also on a sad note...

what can i say. joseph gordon-levitt pulls at my heart strings in every tragic, endearing role he plays.... watch the lookout 2007 here




philosophy of pleasure

dreams don't always come true. thats why we have;


the moon hung low in the sky like a yellow skull

dark and creepy editorials are often my favourite.

Photo : Jean François Lepage
Model : Mathilde Frachon

(i think parisienne model Mathilde Frachon from the editorial above has such a stunning and unique face. not sure why she isnt everywhere.)